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        1. Welcome to NPUMD!

          Northwestern Polytechnical University Ming de College is an independent college at the level of full-time undergraduate according to the approval of the National Ministry of Education, and its predecessor is the Northwestern Polytechnical University Gold Leaf Information Technology College founded in 1999. In 2005, Shaanxi Gold Leaf Science and Education Group Co., Ltd. and Northwestern Polytechnical University applied to establish the independent college at the level of undergraduate jointly-Northwestern Polytechnical University Ming de College on the basis of success school-running of Gold L...

          News & Events
             November 20, 2015 
            Innovation works of students in Mingde College is exhibited on the on-site advance meeting of 2015 Shaanxi Colleges and Universities Cultivation with Practice and Innovation Entrepreneurship
             November 19, 2015 
            Mingde College has an informal discussion about the touring inspection and diagnosis work
             November 6, 2015 
            Mingde College signed the college-enterprise cooperation agreement with Guangdong Chengxing Model Airplane Technology Co., LTD
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